Monday, June 15, 2009

Guitar: Return to the Passion of Music

Remember the very first time you picked-up a guitar? In my case it was a Yamaha nylon acoustic my mom used to have lying around in a green soft case. It wasn't used much except when I took it down and gave it a few strums.

(the rest of the story later, got something more exciting here below ...)

I was updating FaceBook today and came-upon this post of a kid holding a guitar linking to YouTube. Curiosity of course ... but lo ... behold ... and be ashamed at not trying harder. Sungha rocks and makes me proud!

No news yet if he's coming out with an album, but I'd buy it and put it next to my other favorites like Laurence and Ilsey Juber (my thanks again to David Perry for bringing me along for sushi and the show at Santa Monica which I previously blogged about).

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